• Illuminating Fact #1

    An LED light bulb is more energy efficient & environmentally friendly than an incadescent or CFL light bulb.

  • Illuminating Fact #2

    LED lights can direct light where is needed— incandescent bulbs emit light & heat, which is wasteful.

  • Illuminating Fact #3

    LED lights last 35 to 50 times longer than incandescent lights.

  • Illuminating Fact #4

    LED lights use at least 75% less energy than incandescents.

Uninterrupted Illumination

afterGLO® is used to convert traditional plug-in lamps to operate with a low voltage LED Light Bulb without any modifications.
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afterGLO is an innovative, low-voltage LED conversion kit for uninterrupted lighting.


Below is some information about the afterGLO conversion kit.

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What are the advantages of afterGLO?

afterGLOConventional incandescent, or CFL light bulbs, run on Alternating Current (A/C) sockets that can be either hardwired or plug-in. When A/C power cords or hardwire sockets are used, the incoming power lines are considered high voltage and can be very dangerous—using high amounts of energy. Please refer to Comparison Chart for LED, Incandescent, and CFL light bulbs. A LED light bulb is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly compared to Incandescent or CFL bulbs. Also, CFL bulbs have been found to contain harmful materials such as mercury and should not be disposed of in conventional trash bins. In the event of a loss of power the traditional lighting applications will cease to operate unless power is restored or it is connected to an emergency back up system, which are usually not found in residential enviornments.

Why afterGLO?

Improving Your Life with afterGLO

afterGLO will convert your traditional high voltage AC light fixture to a low voltage DC power source for the selected lamp. The low voltage DC output will operate the specially developed LED light bulb while simultaneously trickle charging a rechargeable Ni-MH battery. The afterGLO conversion kit does not require any modifications or alterations to the selected lamp. Once the power pack is fully charged, and a power outage were to take place, the internal battery back-up will provide the user with 5-6 hours of uninterrupted light (can be switched on and off at users disgression and still continue to hold the provided power).

Product Specs


Power Supply 110-220 VAC 50/60 Hz, 12.6V DC @ .5 Amps, US 2 Prong

DC Wire 6 Feet Long

Bulb 12V DC @ 8 Watt LED, Warm White 2700K, E27 Base, 50,000 Hours

Rechargable Power Pack 12V DC li-ion Battery, Rated @ 4000mah with ON-OFF Switch

Full Charging Cycle: 3 Hours 
Back-up Time up to 5-6 Hours


NOTE: The unit is not recommended for but can be plugged in to a switched outlet. Not for use on touch sensitive style lamps. For indoor use only.

How to Use

How To Use

Step 1 Remove Kit from package.

Step 2  Turn off and unplug the lamp that you will be connecting to the afterGLO® power pack.

Step 3 Remove existing light bulb from lamp. Note: Bulb may be hot.

Step 4 Replace the existing bulb with the specially designed afterGLO® light bulb found in your package.

Step 5 Plug the lamp cord into the afterGLO® power pack.

Step 6 Plug the afterGLO® power supply into your wall outlet.

Step 7 afterGLO® is now ready for use.




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Patent Granted

We at afterGLO® are pleased to report that the patent application on the afterGLO® lighting apparatus has been granted.



See what customers are saying about afterGLO

afterglo is an amazing product to have in your home. My parents recently moved in with me so I can keep an eye on them since they are getting older.  The power went out and I could not find any batteries for my flashlight.  Then I remembered that I had my afterGLO plugged in. I was able to move around, hands free of a flashlight and was able to find my parents medication.  Thank you for this amazing product!

— Lisa